5 Reasons Why French People Dislike English People

Even though lawmakers’ attempts to develop connections between French and English people, nearly one-third of French grown-ups still despise English.

The fact that the English drive mostly on left, are infatuated with the Royal family – and reportedly can’t cook – are some of the French’s pet peeves about them.

The French often despise the fact that English people are overly concerned with tea, believe they are the strongest at almost everything, and smother their food in ketchup.

Research teams surveyed 700 French adults as well as 700 Germans to find out who despises the English much more.

It was discovered that only 15% of Germans felt as strongly as the French.

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With this, we can look at some of the reasons why French people do not big fun of English people.

1.  Obsession of the royal family

From Prince William’s extramarital incident to rumours of discriminatory practices for Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, there has been a lot going on.

The British Royal family has become an authentic soap opera for so many, especially among the English.

Tuning in to the Royal family latest update as you watch a new segment of any reality show explains how the British Royal family is constantly under the limelight.

Regardless of whether this focus of attention is in the form of recognition or criticism, the English people’s attention remains fixed.

And for this, the French look down on the British for their ostensibly unhealthy obsession with the royal family in everything they do.

2.  Football Hooliganism

Hooliganism is a term that applies to disorganised, combative, and often reckless behaviour by observers at sporting events.

This behaviour has been among the reasons why English people have been despised.

Hooliganism has been almost entirely bounded to football in the United Kingdom.

Public disorder conduct has been prevalent among football fans since before the sport’s inception, but it wasn’t until the 1960s that it was recognised as a serious issue.

Hooliganism became inextricably linked with English football supporters in the 1980s.

This came after a string of major disruptions both domestically and overseas, which resulted in hundreds of fatalities.

Since then, authorities and security services have worked hard to reduce the scope of hooliganism.

3.  Food Culture

Whenever it tends to come to the French and their approach to food, the word “enthusiastic” barely scratches the surface.

People in every part of France are proud of their regional specialities and, of course, will gloat about them.

For most French people who aren’t particularly interested in gastronomy, British food seems to have thrown an assumption.

When questioned about the British, it appeared that most French people remembered their first eating experience in Britain, which most likely occurred during a school field trip.

This says a lot about how French people aren’t big fans of British food culture, and thus don’t like them.

4.  Obsession with tea

Regardless of whether they drink their tea with milk, sugar, lemon, or just flat, it’s evident that the British enjoy their tea.

There’s just something about resolute bitterness that draws people in: the Tea and Infusions Organisation estimates that the British drink 60 billion cups of tea per year.

That equates to more than 900 cups per year for almost any man, woman, and child in the United Kingdom – though we all know someone who consumes far more.

From the modest tea break to the afternoon tea to be relished, tea has already become ingrained in the British culture.

This explains why the French dislike British people because they believe they are overly obsessed with tea for no reason.

5.  Language

In research studies that compare English levels along with all of Europe, France typically performs poorly.

Even though youngsters have broadly had a much better standard of English, it is still safe to assume that most people in France do not have an elevated level of English.

But if there is one country that consistently performs much worse language learning than France, it is the United Kingdom.

The majority of French people complain about their accents.

On the other hand, others reckon the accent sounds pretty good, but it just seems like they can’t understand a word.

This could explain why the French people aren’t big fans of the British.

6.  Conclusion

To be clear, in general, the French are cordial, warm, and accommodating to the many Britons who choose to relocate to France.

However, as we have seen above, there is always some friction among different cultures.