Are Antonio Sabato Jr And Brooke Barlow Still Together

Are Antonio Sabato Jr and Brooke Barlow still together? Nope. In fact the breakup of Antonio Sabato Jr and Brooke Barlow, winner of his love on the reality show My Antonio, was not news to fans.

As apparent from comments at least on LALATE, viewers had already known from leaks in advance of last nights finale that the couple werent even together anymore. Viewers said they had heard the couple had split 2 months ago. Thats exactly what Brooke told VH-1 after the shows finale last night.

I am not in touch with Antonio. We havent spoken in two, three months. We put effort into it. I met his children. We had a great time – as good of a time as you have indoors with no outside contact. I was really nice getting to know him and his children.

When you put two people together there has to be a lot of conversation and a deep, spiritual connection as far as establishing a foundation for a relationship. He thought that should come with time, but to me, I felt like we didnt have much to talk about.

But yet, Brooke is happy from the exposure and is looking forward to new work.

Had the relationship worked out, I wouldnt have cared about parlaying it into exposure and opportunities. but since it didnt Im hoping the exposure will enable me to have other work.