How is a documentary wedding photograph made?

Some years ago, when photography was evolving as a field of interest for many enthusiasts and many were also becoming a professional photographer, there were no specialised genres of photography. A good photographer was one that could capture the emotions and the events in a mesmerising way that made the saying ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ come very true.

But, with the advent of modern methods and refinement in the photography techniques, it started getting divided in various sections and categories like travel photography, wildlife photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, lifestyle photography and lots more. Almost all the professional photographers started looking for a niche of their own and started specialising in one particular type of photography.

Wedding photography in itself is quite a tedious and time consuming task. In today’s world, the trend of modern, creative and a type of photography that tells a complete story of the event taking place is in demand. Such a type of photography is called a documentary wedding photography.

Today, almost all the guests have got one camera with them and therefore it is important for the professional photographers to stand apart and be something different from all others who have got a camera.

One of the most important aspects of a documentary photography is that most of the photographs that are taken of the day are not posed ones. The photographer in most of the cases looks for natural photos that are not of self conscious people. The photos should genuinely reflect what every guest went through during the course of the events.

In majority of times, the documentary wedding photography is about telling a story. The story can be told in a single click or in a series of clicks. This is the creative aspect which is up to the photographer. It is up to him how he wants to showcase the events.

The documentary wedding photographer will always be in search of emotions like laughing, crying, kissing, being overwhelmed, being proud, being scared, being nervous, being very happy etc. There is a long list of so many emotions that the bride and groom, their parents, families go through during the time of the wedding’ and all these emotions and feelings have to be captured in the form of photographs.

In other words, capturing what is happening ‘between’ the people is essential for good documentary wedding photographers. A photograph should act as a connection between the people and establish several relationships of them. It is their part of work that they represent the wedding event in an artistic, creative and a delightful manner to all the guests.

A professional, experienced photographer should never make the mistake of simply putting together all the snaps that have been taken in the wedding and compiled into the wedding. It is essential that all the photographs will communicate some meaning to the audience.

While taking the photograph, the lights of the area, the composition of the frame, what does the photo implies and similar other questions have to be answered by the person clicking the photograph. It is important to know when to get everyone in the frame in the same expressions.