Overlooked Qualities In A Woman That Make A Man Crazy For Her

It’s not only women who fall for the bad boy; men too fall for the bad girl. While the reasons for falling for the bad girl might differ from man to man, there are still certain common personality traits that all modern men search for in their partner. Here is a list of the qualities of a woman that men find extremely appealing.

A Confident Woman

Gone is the time when men felt intimidated by a woman’s confidence; nowadays confidence in oneself is something men are looking for in their better half. Men find a woman who knows herself and what she wants from life very sexy. A woman who has the courage to go for her dreams is always worth it.

An Independent Woman

If you ask a man about the things women need to stop doing in relationships, then being so damn dependent on him all the time would definitely be one of them. Don’t get me wrong, your man loves being your hero and saving the day for you, but he also wants you to be able to take care of yourself when he isn’t around. He doesn’t want to coddle you all the time, he is your guy not your father. So independence is something men love in a woman.

An Adventurous Woman

Another dating fact is that men are dead afraid of monotony, and that is one of the reasons why they are so hesitant to settle down with person, for fear of things getting boring. That is precisely why a girl who is full of promises of adventures seems irresistible to them. If you want a guy to stick around with you, then be ready to surprise him with spontaneity and spunk.

An Outspoken Woman

Men hate mind games, and they hate it even more when their lady love plays it with them. Men are simple and basic and prefer knowing what’s bothering you upfront so that they can do their bit to fix it. They don’t want to interpret your “I’m fine” or “It’s okay”. A woman who tells a man exactly how she feels will surely have him hooked to her.

A Passionate Woman

Normal sex is good, but sex is great or even awesome when it has passion in the mix. A man cannot help falling for a woman who brings out the passion in him and at the same time lets him bring out the passion in her. A woman who can kiss him back with the same passion that he kisses her with, and can match his every move is a definite keeper in his eyes.

So these were those qualities in a woman that tend to generally get overlooked. Men want more than a pretty face in the long run; they go crazy for a girl with these qualities. Do you posses them?