The 50-plus dating scene in Finland

Looking to start dating again? Dating and relationships for people over the age of 50 in Finland find it difficult to get into the dating scene.

That isn’t to say that there are options or possibilities for you. It means that you’ll need to find the best tips from those that have been before you. Dating from when you were in your 20s is very different to dating and relationships in 2021 and beyond. is a great resource to browse over the Dating and Relationships section to find the types of companies, consultants, and websites you can use to find your next love match.

The first tip you’ll need is to get online. There are online dating platforms (apps and websites) tailored for over 50s. These are easy to use, quick to meet new people and they mostly offer their website services for free while some additional functions and features will require in-app purchases. Online dating is the most appealing and popular for over 50s to meet one another, engage with each other over messages, before taking the step for face-to-face meetings and dates. Read up about a company called 50plusmatch to find out how other users and customers found their services in Dating and Relationships.

What are your hobbies? Do you belong to a community or a club? Become involved in those and you’ll connect with people with the same hobbies, interests, and backgrounds as you to make it easier to find a partner.

Another tip is to update your wardrobe. We’re not talking of going shopping at high-end boutiques for the most expensive clothing. What we mean is for you to find the best-fitting clothing. These will make you look more attractive to prospective partners and also boost your confidence when meeting face-to-face.

Is exercising and sport a part of your health and fitness regimes? Join an over-50s gym class or yoga session. Walking and swimming are the most popular health activities for over-50s – so you’ll most likely find a partner involved in one of those activities.

Tour your country or neighboring country with a tailored tour for over 50s. Travel is fun and sometimes even a little romantic. On these tours, you’ll also meet similarly aged people with similar interests. That’s the basis for a first date and a budding relationship.

Also, start saying yes more often. By turning down invites, you’ll be closing yourself off to new opportunities and the possibilities of meeting new people. Break out of your old habits.

oAs we mentioned before, you need to change the way you think about dating and relationships from when you last dated as a 20-something. Things are not as formal; a coffee date is an acceptable option for a first date.

For slightly more confidence-inspiring encounters, ask a friend to introduce you to someone they might know that is also single and over-50. In your circle of friends, you’re bound to know of someone that has a cute and charming single friend that would probably like to know you too.