Things you would never have known about a wedding photographer

When you know some of the top secrets about the wedding photographers, it becomes quite easy to find the photographers that are more genuine and authentic. All the good and experienced photographers are booked in advance, therefore as soon as your date of the wedding and the venue is finalised, the next thing that you should ideally book is your wedding photographer.

You are lucky that you are getting married in today’s times and not in 1930s or 40s. Getting your wedding photography done during those days would have been quite a task. The techniques were not so modern and easy. Also, it took ages for one photograph to develop.

On the other hand, photography today is very different. Digital photography has taken over and things have become more smooth and easy. But, this does not mean that when things have gone digital and everything can be done on ‘auto’ format; anybody and everybody can become a photographer. It is important that you are able to distinguish the professional and the experienced one from the amateur and a beginner.

You have to know the photographer really well before you book the person for your wedding. You must never go by the great instruments and cameras, but always find something that really impresses about the photographer and his skills.

It is quite unfortunate that many photographers are not professional and full time photographers. They might be working in some company and pursue their hobby of photography in the weekends by becoming a wedding photographer.

Such photographers might not be professional in their work as they are not employed full time in a photography business. Always go for somebody who is highly talented and also equally experienced in the field of photography.

Another thing that an unprofessional photographer would do is simply click lots of images and compile it after editing. In reality, there are other factors that have to be considered like being at the right place at the right time, understanding the light conditions, composition etc. Every photo that should be taken should have some meaning or thought behind it.

While searching for the best photographers in your town, don’t just browse through the directory. It only provides you the contact details. Going through the website is a better option because then you will also be able to have a look at their portfolio and type of work. Also, try and find out the postal address of the photographer.

Check the background of the company of which he is a part of. Know what different kinds of projects they have undertaken and what their areas of specialisation (if any) are. Also, talk only to the person who will be clicking the photographs. There are many companies that let enthusiasts and junior or a camera operator to click the photographs on the wedding day. It is not important that the assistant also takes good photograph when the boss does.